Sponsors & Supporters - Current Season

Dept of Emergency Services
The Queensland Government, Queensland Fire & Emergency Services, provides funding towards the Clubs beach patrol and rescue service.

Dept of Health
The Australian Government:
  • Department of Infrastructure & regional Development for replacement kitchen
  • Department of Social Services, Volunteer Grant

  • Gambling Community Benefit Fund
    Assisted towards the purchase of a replacement Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) and All Terrain Vehicle (ATV).

    This project was proudly funded by the Queensland Government through the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

    Accountants United
    Accountants United, Club sponsor of Junior Lifeguards and patrol operations

    Vici Sportswear manufacturer, sponsor of uniforms and of the Club RLMR Rescue boat

    COTA Qld & Qld State Government
    COTA Qld and Qld State Government have provided the Club funding to conduct a Grey Medallion program in Seniors Week 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016.

    Breakfree Grand Pacific Resport
    Supports the Club with provision of training and function rooms for courses and functions.

    Wung Nam Thai Restuarant
    Supported our Annual Awards Function with food and vouchers.

    Royal Life Saving Society Queensland Inc
    Parent organisation with whome we are affiliated

    Give it Now, online Secure Donation
    Operated by Our Community, GiveNow.com.au is designed to inspire and transform giving in Australia, providing a range of free resources and innovative giving tools รณ a commission-free website listing thousands of good causes and creative ways to give, a personalised donations tracking service, and a free giving newsletter.

    Westpac Banking
    Westpac Banking Corp - Staff Matching Gifts Program
    Westpac staff have donated funds to the club, which has been generously matched by The Westpac Foundation.

    Sponsors & Supporters - Past Seasons

    Dept of Health
    The Australian Government, Department of Health, provided funding for beach safety equipment.

    Sunshine Coast Regional Council
    Sunshine Coast Council. Provides grant funding to the Club.

    Channel Seven (7) Brisbane
    Sponsor of Club.

    Energex Ltd
    The Club is a recipient of the Energex Community & Sustainability Fund, who have donated funds to the Club to assist us purchase a full body manikin for use in CPR training. The manikin will especially be useful for the Clubs free community first aid courses, that we offer to community groups..

    Kentz Corp Ltd Logo
    Kentz Corporation Ltd
    Has sponsors the Clubs team for the World Life Saving Championships for Rescue 2010 and Rescue 2012.

    Ultra Tune North Lakes
    Sponsors and Services the Club's 4WD vehicle.

    Caloundra RSL Services Club
    The Caloundra RSL Services Club Inc, sponsor.

    The Henzells Caloundra RSL Foundation
    The Henzells Caloundra RSL Foundation. Supporter of the Club. Funded repairs to the Club after a break-in, and purchase of Junior Lifeguard Equipment.

    Northgate Remembrance Lodge No 285, United Grand Lodge of Queenland
    1.) Northgate Remembrance Lodge No 285, United Grand Lodge of Queenland - provided funds to purchase an Inflatable Rescue Boat.

    2.) Caloundra lodge No 387, United Grand Lodge of Queensland - donated $2,500 to assist purchase a Boat Trailer and First Aird Equipment.

    Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund
    Assisted towards the purchase of an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) at a total cost of $17,584, to help with patrols.

    This project was proudly funded by the Queensland Government through the Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund.

    Gambling Community Benefit Fund
    (1) Financed the purchase of an Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) at a total cost of $12,000.
    (2) Financed the purchase of Solar Electricity and Hot Water Systems (Sustainable)

    These project was proudly funded by the Queensland Government through the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

    The Club is always looking for organisations to sponsor and support the Club. Please contact the Club treasurer (refer 'contact us' in the menu) if you are interested in supporting us, or have an idea of how we can raise funds.