Why join the Club

We are the smallest Life Saving Club on the Sunshine Coast and are heavily family focused. Club members are provided high quality training, Club management is stable and knowledgeable, and the Club is well equipped. You will learn skills you would not otherwise have had, and will help people who are in difficulty. Being 'on patrol' is quite social, and is actually quite enjoyable. If you are interested in competitions or life saving sport, the Club has members that compete at State, National & World Life Saving Championships, and has current active members who are medal winners at all levels.


Ask us about Joining - online Membership Enquiry Form

How to join us

You have three main choices for membership:

Option 1 - Normal Membership

Normal member, at least 14 years of age

Senior Members are required to undertake patrols and training.


Option 2
Social Membership, and
other Members Options

Non patrolling member, any age
Membership fee $10.00


Option 3 - Junior Membership

Under 14 years of age

Junior Lifeguard learn life saving skills in a fun environment
Our activities are not generally conducted in the surf


The Club also has other membership options including Support Member and Competition Member. Please contact us for information on these membership options.